Animal Disease Diagnostic Kits

Working with our numerous overseas subsidiaries and worldwide partners, BioStone Animal Health has developed a wide range of animal disease diagnostic kits in order to keep your animals healthy and help your business thrive.

These advanced, easy-to-use, and cost-effective testing tools and resources are available across multiple species. With reliable, accurate, and fast results, your clinic or laboratory can make better, more informed animal care decisions.

Our AsurDx™ diagnostic kits, based on the ELISA technique, contain all the necessary reagents for the analysis of serum, plasma, or milk samples. They are standardized to detect national and international reference sera and use highly innovative techniques to create simplified test protocols, ready-to-use reagents, and improved test performance.

Backed by quality, innovation and expert technical support, BioStone strives to develop high-quality products in conjunction with exceptional customer service.

Note: The animal disease diagnostic kits listed below are designed and developed by BioStone US Texas headquarters and manufactured/assembled by BioStone overseas subsidiaries or partners. Currently, the products are only available outside of the USA. Regulatory requirements vary by oversea countries; the product may not be available in your geographic area.