BioStone Animal Health is a Dallas, TX based biotechnology company that provides innovative solutions for animal health. As you work to improve animal health and business performance, we work together with our oversea subsidiaries and worldwide partners to offer you the animal diseases diagnostics portfolio of products.

Working with our oversea subsidiaries and worldwide partners together, BioStone also provides test kits and reagents for vaccine testing (research use only) that enables performing a rapid evaluation of the efficacies, stability, consistency, and potency of common animal vaccines. By making these test kits available to the international community, BioStone strives to actively promote and participate in global animal health initiatives.

These advanced, easy-to-use and cost-effective testing tools and resources are available across multiple species. With reliable, accurate and fast results, your clinic or laboratory can make better, more-informed animal care decisions.

Backed by quality, innovation and expert technical support, BioStone Animal Health, together with our oversea subsidiaries and worldwide partners, offers a range of diagnostic products and vaccine testing kits to complement our full portfolio of products. BioStone commercial and technical teams are available to help customers implement tailored solutions from our complete suite of diagnostics and vaccine testing.


BioStone’s Mission

BioStone Animal Health’s mission is making animals healthier and safer. That passion drives us to innovate and improve conditions for animals and the people who care for them. Timely and accurately diagnosis of just one sick animal can save an entire herd and preserve the livelihood of the producer. Our innovative diagnostic solutions detect a variety of diseases and provide veterinarians and producers with critical information that help ensure the well-being of their herd, reputation, and bottom line. Sick animals need medical treatment, and the first line of treatment can be the use of antibiotics. Proper diagnosis of disease with our solutions helps target the right treatment for animals and may help reduce the development of antibiotic resistance.

Veterinary vaccines help to improve animal health, increase production of livestock in a cost effective manner, and prevent transmission of diseases among animals. However, there are very few companies serving animal vaccine testing to determine vaccine potency and efficiency during vaccine development, batch to batch manufacturing, transport, or storage. Working with our oversea subsidiaries and worldwide partners together, BioStone provides the research reagents and test kits to assist the tests of antibody titers in response to the vaccine and the active antigen amount contained in the vaccines.


Strength on Research & Development

BioStone Animal health is a R&D oriented biotech company: our R&D activities ensure that our products reflect the cutting-edge of ELISA technology, and allow us to continuously launch new, innovative tests.

We remain at the forefront of veterinary diagnostics and vaccine testing by:

  • Strong R&D team
  • Building close relationships with leading scientists and laboratories worldwide
  • Participating in US and worldwide research programs


Focus on Animal Health

The test kits developed by BioStone can help public and private laboratories to:

  • detect emerging diseases which pose new threats to livestock
  • control veterinary diseases as part of disease eradication programs
  • control animal movement to limit the spread of infectious diseases when livestock is imported and exported
  • verify the effectiveness of vaccination campaigns
  • evaluate the efficacies, stability, consistency and potency of common animal vaccines


Career Opportunities

BioStone Animal Health is currently looking for a staff scientist. For more information, please click here.