Partnering with Dr. Joe Ables, DVM (Enable USA), Biostone Animal Health Diagnostic Lab (BVDL) is now offering Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease virus (EHDV) and Bluetongue virus (BTV) antibody competitive ELISA testing for deer serum/plasma/blood specimens.

EHDV is one of the most widespread diseases in white-tailed deer (WTD) in the U.S., and can also infect most other wild and domestic ruminants. EHD is an important cause of morbidity and mortality in WTD. EHDV infections have also been reported in other cervids (e.g. elk and mule deer) and bovids (e.g. cattle, bison and yaks), as well as pronghorn antelope. Bluetongue is a viral disease that affects both domestic and wild ruminants including deer.

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