AsurDx™ FMDV Type Asia1 Antibody cELISA Test

The AsurDxTM FMDV Type Asia1 Antibody cELISA Test Kit (Bovine/Ovine/Caprine/Swine)is designed for the detection of antibodies specific to multispecies of foot and mouth disease virus (FMDV) serotype Asia1 in bovine, ovine, caprine or swine origin.


  • Detects FMDV serotype Asia1 antibodies in serum and plasma samples from infected or vaccinated bovine, ovine, caprine or swine origin;
  • Procedures last less than 2 hours;
  • Provides a simple, rapid, sensitive and cost-effective enzyme-based immunoassay (ELISA) screening method

*Availability/Distribution: Product is designed and developed by BioStone US Texas headquarter and manufactured/assembled by BioStone oversea subsidiaries or partners. Currently, the product is only available outside of the USA. Regulatory requirements vary by oversea countries; the product may not be available in your geographic area.


MethodCompetitive ELISA
Coated AntigenFMDV Type Asia1 antigen-coated Plate
Incubation Time105 minutes
StorageAt least 12 months
SpecificityDetect antibodies against FMDV serotype Asia1 in cattle, goat, sheep or pig serum/plasma samples

Order Information

Catalog Number10090-0210090-05
Plates2 plates5 plates
Plate Format12 X 8-well strips12 X 8-well strips

About Disease

Foot and mouth disease (FMD) is caused by the FMD virus (FMDV), which is a member of the genus Aphthovirus and the family Picornaviridae. FMD is one of the most highly contagious and economically devastating diseases of cloven-hoofed animals, and it severely constrains the international trade of animals and animal products.