AsurDx™ Bluetongue Antibody Test Kit

The AsurDxTM Bluetongue Antibody Test Kit detects antibodies specific to the bluetongue virus (BTV) in individual sheep, goat and cattle sera. Bluetongue, or catarrhal fever, is caused by a double-stranded RNA virus of the genus Orbivirus and family Reoviridae. It is a noncontagious disease transmitted by insects to wild and domesticated ruminants, with high mortality rates in sheep. Seven or eight days after infection, sheep develop acute signs—high temperature, lethargy, and self-isolation from the herd. Shortly after the rise in temperature, the buccal mucosa becomes red and swollen, and large volumes of foamy saliva are produced. The tongue swells up and in some cases turns blue (hence the name of the disease). Affected animals can limp and ewes may abort. In most cases, growth is retarded and there is coat loss. Severely affected sheep may die eight to 10 days into the infection.

The AsurDxTM Bluetongue Antibody Test Kit provides a simple, rapid, sensitive, and cost-effective enzyme-based immunoassay (ELISA) screening method.


Catalog Number: 10014-02
(2 plates/24 strips/192 wells)
Catalog Number: 10014-05
(5 plates/60 strips/480 wells)


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