BioStone Animal Health Launches Porcine Deltacoronavirus (PDCoV) Antibody Test Kit

DALLAS-FORT WORTH, TX — August 18, 2022 — BioStone Animal Health is pleased to announce the launch of AsurDxTM Porcine Deltacoronavirus (PDCoV) Antibody Test Kit for the detection of pig antibodies specific to Porcine Deltacoronavirus (PDCoV). Porcine delta coronavirus (PDCoV) was initially detected in 2009 in fecal samples from pigs in Asia, but its etiologic role was not identified until 2014 when it caused diarrhea in pigs in the United States. The AsurDxTM Porcine Deltacoronavirus  (PDCoV) Antibody Test Kit provides a simple, rapid, sensitive, and cost-effective enzyme-based immunoassay (ELISA) screening method.

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