Specimen Collection Information

This page offers clients a general guide for specimen collection. Please see individual tests for exact sample requirements contact Biostone Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories (BVDL) if you have questions about a specific test’s sample requirement.

Serum/Plasma (1 mL)

Serum should be collected from clotted samples in a red top or tiger top tube with a clotting activator or a Serum Separator Tube (SST) with a gold top. Please refer to individual tests in the testing catalog to determine the best tube for each test. Serum and plasma need to be separated from red blood cells and placed in a secondary vial as soon as possible (within 60 minutes). Allow serum samples to clot completely before centrifuging. Even when using serum separator tubes, serum should be decanted into another tube before shipping as red cells can diffuse through the gel after a few hours. Tests performed on plasma require blood collected in tubes containing an anti-coagulant –purple top (EDTA). Check the specific test listing for container requirements.

Whole Blood (3-5 mL)

Whole blood samples in purple top (EDTA) tube. These samples need to be protected from temperature extremes as heating or freezing destroys cellular elements.  Please ship samples with sufficient cold packs in an insulated container.