AsurDx™ Τ. equiperdum Antibody Test Kit

The AsurDxTM Τ. equiperdum (TE) Antibody Test Kit is designed for the detection of horse antibodies specific to Τrypanosoma equiperdum (TE), which is often abbreviated Τ. equiperdum.


  • Detects T. equiperdum antibodies of the IgG in horse serum/plasma;
  • Procedures last less than 90 minutes;
  • Provides a simple, rapid, sensitive, and cost-effective enzyme-based immunoassay (ELISA) screening method

*Availability/Distribution: Product is designed and developed by BioStone US Texas headquarter and manufactured/assembled by BioStone oversea subsidiaries or partners. Currently, the product is only available outside of the USA. Regulatory requirements vary by oversea countries; the product may not be available in your geographic area.


MethodCompetitive ELISA
Coated AntigenTE antigen-coated Plate
Incubation Time90 minutes
StorageAt least 12 months
SpecificityTE serogroup-specific horse antibodies

Order Information

Catalog Number10012-0210012-05
Plates2 plates5 plates
Plate Format12 X 8-well strips12 X 8-well strips

About Disease

Τ. equiperdum is a species of excavate parasites that causes Dourine or Covering Sickness in horses and other animals in the family equidae. Dourine is a serious, often chronic, venereal disease of horses and other equids. This protozoal infection can result in neurological signs and emaciation, and the case fatality rate is high. No vaccine is available, and the long-term efficacy of treatment is uncertain. Genetic analyses have revealed T. equiperdum to be a derivative of Trypanosoma brucei, the causative agent of African trypanosomiasis. Unlike T. brucei, T. equiperdum is spread primarily via sexual transmission, an adaptation that has allowed it to escape beyond the range of the tsetse fly and attain a cosmopolitan distribution. Mother-foal transmission has also been documented.